The best organization could be externalization

Do you have an event where participants speak different languages?

You probably think about where to get translators, sound equipment, interpreting equipment, technical support? Or maybe you also want to record the event. Are you not clear what equipment you might need and where to find it? Does time press you and would you prefer to find some of these services somewhere?

Take advantage of Iatom experience! We can offer you not only consultancy, but also a full package of interpretation services for your event: interpreters for every type of interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous, chuchotage), translation consoles, soundproofed booths, sound, simultanous multi-lingual translation, transmission stations, receivers, audio / video recording, technicians. It’s your choice if you want to take care of your details personally. Many customers prefer us to assist them with the full service package to simplify their organization, gain time, and deal with the truly important aspects of organizing an event.