Why chose IATOM?

On the Romanian translation market, even if not the only one, Iatom is a unique office by its integrated services, with some special features: Iatom brings together the experience in translations, interpreting and documents certification and the technical and graphic processing skills.

Let’s look at your advantages if you choose Iatom:

You finally have your translation completed. But what are you going to do next?

Not everyone can insert the translated text into a PDF catalog, technical manual, video, website or database. With Iatom, you can get the translation directly on the support you deserve without outsourcing the graphic processing or the technical tasks to third parties.

As an idea, we have created by ourselves our own websites and our visual identity.

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Translation both for the international languages, as well as for the rare languages

Not all the translation offices can work with rare languages. It may sound surprising, but there are translation offices that outsource certain orders to us for languages such as Latvian, Danish, Swedish, etc. The translators authorized for such languages are a few. Call Iatom to remove the intermediate steps and the additional costs!

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Have you considered that the best organization could be externalization?

You can organize your event much simpler, with less trouble, saving time to deal with the really important issues. Many customers are already using the full Iatom interpreter service package. It includes translators, translation equipment, sound, audio-video recording, technicians, and is configurable according to your needs.

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Now you can avoid spending time and money on something useless

Getting the necessary stamps on your document usually means anger, queues, bureaucracy, and grumpy officials. You can even get the wrong information, risking not using the document in the end!

Iatom offers both translation and courtesy advice for all documents and cases. A solution already chosen by more and more customers is to resort to our office so that we may take care, A to Z, of the entire procedure (including courier).

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IATOM GroupProfessional translation services:
sworn translations, interpreting, technical support for events, graphics or video and web design editing.