About us

We believe in moral and professional integrity, perseverance and diligence. We believe in the value for money concept. We believe in respect for the client, and in adapting to their needs. We believe we are part of the solution regardless of the situation.

When looking to the future, some see it as a friend, others as an enemy. We see it as opportunity. Thus, any obstacle is no longer the end of the road, but an open door towards a new solution.

Our symbol, the flag, means the courage to go ahead, to face the obstacles. The flag means fighting, but it also means the joy of victory.

IATOM Business Group offers professional services for business/office field as well as for other fields:

  • IATOM IMPACT SRL (NIP 24018544 Nr.Reg. J40/10064/2008)
  • IATOM TRADUCERI SRL (NIP 26047481 Nr.Reg. J40/9339/2009)
  • IATOM EXPERT SRL (NIP 29704489 Nr.Reg. J40/1334/2012)
IATOM GroupProfessional translation services:
sworn translations, interpreting, technical support for events, graphics or video and web design editing.